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Nuit de folie, La vie la nuit, Jardins d’enfants, Chance, Belles belles belles

Début de Soirée (French pronunciation: ​[deby d(ə) swaʁe], literally Early evening) is a French pop music duo which had a huge success in 1988 with their song “Nuit de folie”, a number-one single in France.

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The group Début de Soirée was born from a meeting between Sacha and William behind the decks of a large disco in Aix-en-Provence.
A fusion between a DJ and a radio host, in the heart of the ’80s gives birth to an original song with its rap part and a chorus that we will not forget.
The record millionaire “Nuit de folie”, remains a staple to this day and continues to invade every wedding, birthday, or any other party occasion.
Everything is increased tenfold compared to what we had the chance to know: the equipment, the men, the stage and of course the public. Almost thirty years already and they are still there to party with our favorite songs.
The omnipresent music in our existence continues to make us live our most beautiful moments, but now also in a collective way.~Wikipedia/Youtube

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