La Cream (SE)
You, Free, Dance, Château d’amour, A.K.A, Playing with Fire

The name is originally the name of the producer group that has made songs and remixes for many bands. La is a feminine article in the French language and because Tess is singing in French and English it suits the songs.

Songstress/dancer Tess Mattisson and DJ/producer Andréz met at Dr. Records studio while they both were working on different projects. Meanwhile, they got to know each other, and with Tess stage habit combined with Andréz producer and DJ experience it turned out to be a ‘hit’. They decided to bring out multicultural modern music so the lyrics contain a mixture of French, Spanish and English. In May´98 they worked in the studio and the result came out as their debut single Château d´Amour.

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Hits and successes

“Say Goodbye” is a 1999 song recorded by Swedish Eurodance band La Cream and released as the third single from their only album, Sound & Vision. It was successful on the charts in Scandinavia, peaking at number 5 in Finland, number 9 in Norway, number 17 in Denmark and number 21 in Sweden. The song is sung by lead vocalist Tess Mattisson, who also co-wrote it. A music video was made for the song, featuring Mattisson performing inside an ice castle.
The duo hit the charts again with their second single You. Their strong position on the Swedish Dance Chart showed a good grip on the DJs. The big step on the Music Control Radio Chart created just the position that the duo wanted. Both singles could be found on La Cream’s debut album Sound And Vision which was released in all of Scandinavia. The Follow-up single was entitled Say Goodbye.

The cover of Dr. Alban’s hit This Time I’m Free called Free adds to their singles: “It’s a very special track for me personally. When it was released in 1994 I was working as a dancer. I’ve danced a lot to that song. No artists have had the opportunity to make the cover of Dr. Alban’s tracks. I really appreciated it when he said that I can do a cover of his old songs if I want to. He likes this project and me as an artist and believes in us so we had the chance to make it” says Tess. ~eurokdj/wikipedia
They are still on stage and they are available to book them this 2022.

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