Daze (DK)
Superhero, Toy Boy, Tamagotchi, Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song)

Daze is a Danish Eurodance band whose 1997 debut album Super Heroes became a double-platinum international hit. The band is a trio composed of Lucas Sieber, Jesper Tønnov, and Trine Bix, and their style of “zany” “turbo-pop” music is compared to the Danish-Norwegian pop band Aqua.

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Hits and their successes to date:

Initially published in Scandinavia by Sony Music, Super Heroes sold 31,000 copies on the release day and was later released in the United States by Columbia Records and in Non-Nordic global territories by Epic Records. Hit singles included “Superhero,” “Tamagotchi,” and “Toy Boy.” In February 1998, Daze won the Danish Grammy Award for Best Dance Album of 1997. In addition, the single Superhero was nominated as a 1997 Danish hit of the year by GAFFA magazine. It was also very famous in Argentina during those years.
The singles “Tamagotchi” and “Toy Boy”, have both ruled the radio stations in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Furthermore, when the debut album, Superhero, was released in October 1997, it immediately charted in Finland with a peak at No. 1 and Denmark with a height at No. 3.
In Norway, the album has turned Gold. Scandinavia has taken Daze in such a way that more than 250,000 copies of the Superhero album have leaped over the counter. In February 1998, Daze received a Grammy Award for Best Dance Album of 1997 at the prestigious Danish Grammy.
First international single Superhero has already gained attention in the US with a peak as #27 in Billboards Hot Dance Music / Maxi Single Sales and a first-week entry in the Hot 100 Singles Chart as #88. The video can be viewed at The Box (the US only). In the UK, the single peaked in the PopChart as #3. Daze had given loads of concerts all around Scandinavia and worldwide, from the US to Taiwan, from the UK to Portugal.


In 2012, Daze announced that their new single would be called “Fool Me” on their official Facebook page. On 23 June 2012, the new single was released to digital music stores such as iTunes and Spotify in Europe, along with an extended mix. It also features Daze’s original band logo that was dropped after the release of “Super Heros” in the late 90s and replaced by the flame logo. An international release date is expected soon.
In 2013, Daze competed in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix selection in Denmark for a place in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “We Own the Universe.”

DAZE is currently touring around the World, mainly in Europe.~wikipedia/last.FM

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