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Vengaboys (NL)
We Like to Party, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!, We’re Going to Ibiza

The Vengaboys were formed from DJ Danski and DJ Delmondo, Dutch, who toured Spain and Ibiza in a bus between 1992 and 1997, bringing “provocative grooves and sexy lyrics” to beaches for impromptu and illegal dance and beach parties. During 1995-96, four dancers/singers (Roy, Denice, Kim and Robin) – who had been regular guests at the beach parties – were added and the enlarged troupe toured beaches throughout Europe. Initially the new foursome worked as dancers to ‘spice up’ the DJ sets.

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The act’s first single “Up & Down” was released in March 1997 in selected countries (Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and Israel), becoming a huge success in Europe (e.g. making the top 5 in The Netherlands, Denmark, France and Spain), before making its way over to America. The UK really caught the ‘Venga bug’, with combined sales of the act’s first 4 singles – “Boom Boom Boom Boom” (reached #1); “We’re Going To Ibiza” (#1); “Up & Down” (#3) and “We Like To Party” making nearly 2 Million. “We Like to Party!” is used in a Six Flags ad campaign featuring an old man dancing to the tune and picking up passengers. With global sales of over 10 Million singles, and 5 Million copies of their first album, Vengaboys have proved to be the most commercially successful Dutch group in history.

One of the band’s particularity was that they were always wearing a special outfit. The front lady Kim Sasabone (April 1st 1974 from Salvador) always appeared wearing a sexy camouflage outfit. Roy Olivero-Den Burger (aka Roy Darman, born 31 July 1975, coming from Trinidad), then later his replacement Donny Latupeirissa, were dressed as a cowboy. Denise Van Rijswijk (born October 20th 1978, dancer from the Netherlands) wore a disco outfit. Robin Pors (born January 1st 1978) then Yorick Bakker (born July 10th 1976) played the role of a sailor.

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